Bathing Relic

The foam that you left

In the bath

In your wake

Crumbles into itself

Colliding like atoms

Brittle like old sugar

Noisy like an anthem

Persistently clinging to life

Circling the abyss

Moving at the speed

Of a watched kettle

Dying for life

To explode

To thrash

To conquer what the eye can see

And not see

Remembering your skin

Before I see you off

Before you leave

We did this and that


Discussing the complexities

Of this

And that

But this was important

It must have been

Thinking these thoughts

At the lip of the tunnel

Rolling into it

Like a drowsy froth

Glaciering into a pit

Thinking these thoughts

The way the water

Sparkled and glistened

Against your skin

When you graced us

When you were here

With us