If you asked me what I do for a living, you'd notice a shifty hesitation, because that question scares the shit out of me. Saying a person is one thing... committing to one path, on the one hand, brings up notions of limitation, while expressing all the things one is interested in and perhaps even passionate about develops an unfocused picture. 
Like a lot of ambitious people, I am deeply terrified of failure. It follows that failing to present myself properly for fear of being misinterpreted is a fear that, for one reason or another, waits for me at the other side of the gate.
I do know one thing though: I crave something. Something different. I always have, and this may be why I have chosen to walk my own path and consequently sacrifice the comfort of stability for the thrill of adventure.
Like a travel-addict, my feet can't stop moving, and like an addict, I am endlessly unsatisfied. 
The search goes on, in every moment, within every person or interaction… glints of passion, emotion, and wonderment make me run to my pencil and paper or linger in my head and then I berate myself for not running to my pencil and paper, and then it's gone - and I search some more. 
I constantly search for meaning, which may be why I am a story-teller. Perhaps meaning can be found in every moment, or as story-tellers we may lavishly lather moments with meaning. Regardless, I love stories… and I believe many other people love them as well. 
So my life is dedicated to telling stories, cultivating my imagination, and seeking out inspiration in its various, timid forms. I hope to help others if I can, so please reach out to me if you believe that we can work together, because the best things come from that. 
I tell stories in multiple ways:

  1. As an actor, I live the lives of others, and funnily enough seem to understand myself less and less with every new character. 

  2. As a writer, I let my imagination run wild, exasperatingly painting landscapes from the confines of a square that from a distance seems vibrant but upon closer inspection lacks tremendous detail.

  3. By living.                                                              

"My life has been a path at the edge of uncertainty. Today we teach kids to be seated in a comfortable chair. You have your job. You have your little car. You have a place to sleep... and the dreams are dead. We don't grow on a secure path. All of us should conquer something in life, and it needs a lot of work, and it needs a lot of risk. In order to grow and improve you need to be there, at the edge of uncertainty."                         - Francis Mallmann.